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Our new company, called Infinity Investment LLC, is a compilation of knowledge, experience, and skills, which has created a team focused on winning and giving back. The Carter family, Tom, Gina, and Dalton, all bring their own unique experiences and education. We utilize those strengths to help people in our community that are stuck in dilapidated homes or feel trapped by expenses, repairs, and on going maintenance, which is a win. We beautify these homes in our community, raising property values for the neighbors and surrounding homes.

The objective is to find homes and homeowners that fit our target criteria and offer them the opportunity to be unburdened by their current situation at a fair market value price. Our targeting criteria are very specific as we only acquire about 1 of every 20 homes we research. Meanwhile, our investors are guaranteed incredible returns on their investment, as well as the reassurance of being secured by the deed of the property. This is a third win.

It is rare to find win-win situations in our world today, but we have gone far above and beyond that. We have created a win-win-win-win situation! Let’s recap:


Win 1: The homeowner is relieved of a burden at fair market value.

Win 2: The surrounding homes get a bump in property value.

Win 3: The home is rehabbed and sold for profit (generating more tax revenue).

Win 4: Investors receive an incredible rate of return that surpasses more        traditional    investment rates.




PO Box 1774

Atascadero, Ca 93423

(805) 674-6483


Current Projects


Infinity Investment has a new investment opportunity that we are excited to open for funding offers. This project on Portola Rd. in Atascadero is already underway with all the demolition and much of the site work complete. The previous owners used the building as a preschool, but we are still determining the highest and best use of the property. Several local preschool and daycare owners have already approached us with interest in the facility if we rebuild as a preschool. They are even interested in entering into a contract now. We will need $225K-250K to fund the project and we are estimating this project will take 9 months to bring to fruition.






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